When you need electrician services you can rely on the team of experts at AEC Electric. We specialize in a wide range of services from new home construction, remodeling, and maintenance for your home or business.





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aec-Electric provides complete electrical contracting services for commercial, government and residential projects. Below is a partial listing of our services.

General Electrical Wiring & Maintenance

> Electrical Maintenance and Wiring

> Lighting Systems and Accessories

> Electrical Services for Remodeling & Renovation

> Emergency Electrical Services

> Generator Installation

> Power Upgrades



>> Electric Design Build

> Service Upgrades

> Generator Installation

> Electrical Wiring & Maintenance 

> Power Studies & Energy Management


 Installation Services

>> Security Systems

> Security Alarms

> Security access metal detectors

> Video surveillance

> Closed-Circuit Television

 >> Fire Detection

> Fire, heat and smoke detectors

>  Fire alarm annunciation panels

> Keypad access panels

> Surveillance Cameras & Monitoring Devices

> Motion Detection System

Home/Business Automation

> Remote Home/Business Automation Systems





> Underground ducts and raceways for electrical systems

> Under floor raceways for electrical systems

> Cable trays

> Conduit and tubing

>Grounding and bonding

> Control voltage

> Medium voltage transformers and switch gear

> Switch boards and panels

> Low-voltage distribution equipment, circuit protection devices and controllers

> Generator assembly

> Motor installation


> Electrical Maintenance and Wiring

> Electrical Design Build for New & Renovated Spaces

> Electrical Services for Remodeling & Renovation

> Power Upgrades

> Emergency Electrical Services

> Generator Installation


Business Communication System 

 >>Voice and Mass Communications

> Telephone and Cable Lines

> Audio and Video Equipment

> Public Address and Mass Notification Systems



AEC is a recognized leader serving local customers with residential and commercial building services. From new construction, renovations, to repairs and maintenance, rely on AEC Electric to bring experience and value to your project.

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